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Say hello and WELCOME to AbilityFirst’s newest support group comprised of Spanish-speaking parents!

Grupo de Padres Abriendo Puertas are passionate and engaging parents of AbilityFirst Participants and was created at the end of 2020. It’s name translates to “Parent Support Group that Opens Doors,”  to do just that—open doors – for parents who express a need for support within the Hispanic/ Latinx community.

AbilityFirst Diversity Equity and Inclusion Program Manager Araceli Ganzalez listened to the parents’ concerns about barriers to service for Spanish speaking families and decided that a parent-led support group for was the next important step to engage, reduce a sense of isolation, and provide a safe place for parents to share their challenges in a culturally meaningful way.

Araceli Gonzalez shares, “The pandemic exposed us to a valuable reminder that communities thrive when we can meet them where they are. Grupo de Padres Abriendo Puertas was created to Inform, Empower, and Connect. The community partners who support this group affirm our belief that even when there seems there is no way in, this group will create a door.”

As a result, of Grupos de Padres Abriendo Puertas’ has received culturally and linguistically responsive technology training, leadership development, have had guest speakers with a variety of expertise, and more!

Grupos de Padres Abriendo Puertas has not only opening doors for AbilityFirst parents but are ensuring access to AbilityFirst programs by focusing on the needs of individuals who face barriers to service and acting to reduce those barriers. For more information email


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