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AbilityFirst Professional Business Services meets many key corporate needs in the Los Angeles area such as product assembly and packagingorder fulfillment, mailing and light industrial staffing. We are customer focused and your success is always the highest priority. Our workers are dependable, highly motivated, and committed to quality work. AbilityFirst makes quality assurance its number one focus while ensuring our pricing is competitive through our unique cost structure.

Our Professional Business Services division is large enough to handle complex, multi-segment assembly work, while small enough to provide a unique level of flexibility for your last-minute fire drills. This versatility gives us the ability to partner with companies from any environment with great success. With a flexible client-based approach, we are able to produce rapid turnarounds with short lead times.

For more information and all other inquiries about AbilityFirst Professional Business Services in the Los Angeles area, email or call at (626) 639-1737.

Fulfillment & Mailing

A component of our value added warehouse services is a complete 3rd party fulfillment and mailing center. If you are in need of saving valuable staff time and resources, then this value added warehouse service is for you. Not to mention, you will be providing gainful employment to capable individuals with disabilities.

In addition to cost effective services, your products will be monitored by our production and quality assurance staff. The quality assurance staff inspects all processes in order to conform to your exact specifications.

One successful story can be seen in Union Bank’s Kidz Savings accounts. This program encourages and rewards children for saving. When a child completes a Kidz Savings card with ten stamps, the card is sent to AbilityFirst’s value added warehouse services where it is processed, including data entry and a reward coupon is then mailed to the child, on behalf of Union Bank.

With two production facilities in Greater Los Angeles, AbilityFirst is prepared to partner with you to deliver high quality subcontract work to meet your production needs.


Light Industrial Staffing

Looking to diversify your workforce? As part of our Professional Business Services in the Los Angeles area, AbilityFirst offers light industrial staffing services in partnership with a corporate employer, an individual with a disability and one of our staff members. This unique service is breaking down the barriers for employers – discovering that hiring individuals with disabilities is not only great for business, but provides the same quality of work!

AbilityFirst light industrial staffing provides an opportunity for your business to hire qualified candidates for a variety of jobs. Once an individual has been hired, AbilityFirst provides an employment specialist who will work alongside the new employee to supervise and assist in job training at no cost to the employer. Employment specialists also serve as liaisons between employer and employee, ensuring a smooth transition and successful employment in the long term. This process increases the possibility of a successful employee and employer partnership as well as reassuring employers of quality job placement. AbilityFirst’s number one goal when it comes to light industrial staffing services is employer satisfaction.

AbilityFirst has successfully provided job placement assistance for individuals with disabilities in many local companies including Direct TV, Quetico LLC, Caltrans, UPS, Aquarium of the Pacific, McDonalds, Albertsons, Ralphs and Vons, while providing all these businesses with quality employees.


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