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Adrian first started at AbilityFirst participating in the Employment Facilitation Training Services (EFTS) Program. Adrian did not have a lot of job experience or training upon entering AbilityFirst programs. Adrian would often get frustrated when there was material he did not understand and had a hard time navigating technology/the internet. After completing the EFTS Program, Adrian moved forward to Supported Employment where he worked with a job developer and was hired at Walmart. Adrian started at Walmart in December 2020 as a part-time Cart Attendant. Adrian worked hard throughout 2021 and in February 2022, Adrian decided it was time to move on from Walmart, so he went to inquire about a different job at the Montclair Mall. Adrian then went and applied to the mall’s janitorial company independently, without a job developer this time. It was something he did not have much experience with when he first started at AbilityFirst. However, Adrian advocated for himself and got hired at the Montclair Mall with the janitorial company.  Adrian is now working full-time as a Janitor starting in mid-February 2022.  Adrian enjoys that he gets to work at the mall, be an active member of his community, and continue to receive more work experience.  Adrian has truly come a long way since he first started at AbilityFirst.


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