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Camp Paivika offers children, teens and adults with disabilities a traditional camp experience delivered with nurturing support and, above all, an emphasis on fun!

Important Summer 2022 Program Update –
Camp Paivika Friends and Family Program

To our Paivika Campers, Friends and Family,

Although we anticipated being able to offer our “almost back to normal” on site programming at Camp Paivika this summer, we must adjust because we have been unable to fill the majority of our camp positions that are essential to the operation of residential camp.  We anticipated challenges in hiring from the onset and modified our enrollment capacities to accommodate the possibility of fewer staff.  We did not know at that time that the challenge would become a crisis requiring us to re-invent our program delivery once more.  Camps are being impacted nationally and programs like ours have fewer options because of the level of care and supervision that cannot be adjusted due to a lack of staff.

Despite these challenges, we are determined to offer some type of program to our campers this summer.  It will not look the same as pre-pandemic years, but our goal is to offer something for everyone.  On site programs will include activities traditionally offered such as swimming, sports, crafts, nature, performing arts and special events.   The biggest difference is that campers will bring their own companion to camp with them to provide for their personal care and supervision.  This person can be a friend, a family member or other caregiver.  Companions must be at least 18 years of age. Full vaccination status, including the booster, and a negative PCR test will be required of all companions as well as a cleared Criminal Background Check which AbilityFirst will pay for and facilitate.

We will be providing a hybrid schedule of programs as follows:

  • Day Camp – offered one Saturday in June, July and August.  This will be free of charge and families are encouraged to attend.  (bring your own companion)
  • Weekend Camp- offered Friday through Sunday (bring your own companion)
  • 5-night Camp with 2- 3- 4- and 5-night options- offered Thursday through Tuesday (bring your own companion)
  • Virtual Camp Paivika @ Home will continue to be offered free of charge for all summer campers which will include a variety of program activities offered at different times to accommodate as many schedules as we can.

If you are currently registered for a session for this summer, your registration will be cancelled, and a full refund will be given.  Registration for the new programming will begin next week.  We understand that there will be multiple scenarios for caregivers, and we will address how we will accommodate different situations on a case-by-case basis.   There will also be a new (lower) fee structure for camp this year and scholarships on a sliding scale will be available for qualifying campers.

Since the pandemic began, we have worked with you to continue to provide meaningful programming and outreach for you and your families.  We have often voiced the sentiment that “We are all in this together” and we still are.  We believe in the importance of Camp Paivika, and we are “all in” to adjust as needed as we navigate these challenging times.

We are forever grateful for our Paivika Family and look forward to creating new adventures and memories this summer.

Kelly Kunsek

Camp Director


2022 marks the 75th Anniversary of Camp Paivika!  Paivika campers celebrated a brand-new camp, designed especially for them during the summer of 1947.  Although we will not be planning a large public event this year due to COVID safety concerns, we do want to celebrate this amazing anniversary with all Paivikans everywhere!  Each month we will be posting on Facebook, Instagram, and our website We will be asking you to share your Paivika photos, memories and more.  You can do this by posting your photos, etc. or send them directly to us by
email: or snail mail: P.O. Box 3367, Crestline CA 92325.

We will commemorate this special anniversary through the creation of a Camp Paivika Book which will be a combination of looking back and looking forward.  That is why we need your input!  Please watch for the posts and more information to come on the book project as well as other opportunities to
celebrate the amazing little camp on top of the mountain that we all love!

Happy Anniversary Camp Paivika!



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