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Camp Paivika’s Summer Program, consisting of multiple sessions from June through August, is packed with morning-to-evening fun!

Each day brings new opportunities to play, share interests, make new friends and meet challenges. Sessions are designed according to age groups and campers will be assigned to a cabin group which most closely matches their age. The camp program and activities are designed to welcome and include all individuals with adaptations creatively applied to ensure that every camper can participate to their fullest potential.

Click each tab to see what a typical day in the Summer Program looks like:

  • Custom warm water pool specially designed with our campers in mind. Features two hoyer lifts and safe entry ramp.
  • Supervised by American Red Cross Certified lifeguards
  • Non-instructional program
  • One-on-one, in-pool support is available for campers who need it
  • Designed to improve physical coordination and strength: archery, baseball, bowling, obstacle courses, broom hockey and frisbee golf.
  • Designed to enhance concentration and promote socialization: Bingo, board games, card games
  • Activities adapted for accessibility and for different age groups according to ability levels
  • Tie-dye and beading projects, ceramics, painting and other traditional camp crafts
  • Campers explore their artistic side and experience a sense of accomplishment with activities encouraging self-expression and hand-eye coordination
  • Creative movement, acting games and music making
  • Staged musicals are performed in outdoor amphitheater with entire camp in attendance
  • Grand finale of each session is the camp talent show where campers have the opportunity to share their talents on stage!
  • Games and crafts incorporate elements of the beautiful surrounding mountain and forest environment
  • Activities take place in the forest environment and include outdoor exploration accessible to all.
  • Explored themes of wildlife, trees and conservation give campers a deeper appreciation for nature
  • Brings full camp together
  • Activities include campfires, Game Show Night, carnivals, dances, karaoke, scavenger hunts for children, casino nights for adults

For more information call 909-338-1102 ext. 5003

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