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Camp Paivika @ Home 

Crafts, Music, Dancing, Movie Nights, Special Events and Chat Groups are just some of the FUN you will be having when you join us!

Camp Paivika @ Home is designed to provide live virtual programming for children and adults with various disabilities.  Programs are planned to increase independence and confidence to try new things and to maximize opportunities for social development.  In order to participate, an individual must:

  • Meet the criteria of being a person with a developmental and/or physical disability
  • Complete the on-line registration
  • Have access to an electronic device and internet connection
  • Have a quiet space where the camper can participate without background noise or interruptions
  • Agree to follow and abide by the Camp Paivika @ Home Rules of Conduct (see below)

 Camp Paivika @ Home Rules of Conduct:

#1 – Make sure the Zoom display name shows the name of the camper/participant

#2 – Always be CA (Camp Appropriate)

  • Language and Actions
  • Clothing
  • Topics of conversation

#3 – Always be kind, polite and accepting of others

#4 – Be patient and do not talk over others when it is not your turn.

#5 – If staff asks you to mute yourself or puts you on mute, do not unmute until called on. You are not in trouble, it just means that we need everyone to be able to hear.

#6 – If you are not following the rules or are being disrespectful, you will be removed from the activity.

 Register online through your established ACTIVE Account or click the button below

Need assistance?
Contact Lauren at (909) 338-1102 EXT. 5004 or

This program including policies and activities scheduled is subject to change.

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