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At Camp Paivika, children, teens and adults with disabilities get the same, great camp experience as their peers – and their families feel confident their loved ones will be well cared for.

Children, teens and adults with mild to severe physical and developmental disabilities come to Camp Paivika in the summer for swimming, adaptive sports, campfires and cookouts, arts and crafts, performing arts and other enjoyable, enriched activities. With a sense of freedom inspired by time spent outdoors in natural surroundings, campers learn and develop new interests and confidence through guided play, social skills building and exploration.

At all times, the safety and well-being of each camper is paramount and our carefully screened, qualified staff and nursing personnel meet the medical, dietary, feeding and personal hygiene care and assistance needs of each camper with respect for the dignity of all.

We are aware that many campers are away from parents and home for the first time. Our staff responds with understanding and support to help make this very important transition a success. The rewards are great- families enjoy a break from the rigors and challenges of caring for their disabled loved ones and campers have the opportunity to explore activities that promote health, fitness and independence in a nurturing atmosphere of friendship and possibility.

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