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Roxana had not yet worked a professional job, and was hoping to find one, when she entered AbilityFirst in February of 2021. She had helped with chores at home and decided she would like to help even more by contributing to her household financially. Through the Supported Employment program, she received a job coach who began preparing her for the work environment. Roxana learned how to search for job openings, online.

The interview process, a naturally intimidating situation, proved particularly challenging for Roxana. Interview questions were confusing for her. She couldn’t make out exactly what the interviewer was asking her. To help Roxana, the job developer set up practice interviews, asking Roxana questions and helping her perfect her answers. Through these sessions, she gained comfort in answering a broad range of questions.

Once Roxana built up her confident during the interview process, she and her job developer researched what kind of jobs would fit Roxana’s skillset. The search led successfully to employment, and Roxana now works at Zara, Inc. in Pasadena. When Roxana runs into difficulties at work, her job coach has been available to guide her through, for instance, explaining how to complete tasks Roxana may have been struggling with. Her job coach has also been on hand to fully explain and clarify any instructions from supervisors that are confusing for her.

Roxana is happy to be gainfully employed and helping her family pay their bills. She’s gotten so good at her job that the hardest part is simply reminding customers to wear their face masks as they enter the store.

“I really enjoy working at Zara!” says Roxana. “Everyone here is so nice, including the management.”

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