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Rebeka Pineda has plenty of experience in the Work Activity Program, having been a member for nearly seven years. Her first job in the program was working at the L.L. Frank Work Center. Before that, she also volunteered for about 3 months before accepting the Assembly Line worker position.

When she first joined the Work Activity Program, Rebeka appeared shy and reserved. But over time, she gained confidence and felt comfortable expressing her needs and wants to staff. At several points, Rebeka was put in charge at her work station and even led the Workers’ Management meetings! While at the L.L. Frank Work Center, Rebeka showed significant improvement and continually amazed her support team.

At the work center, Rebeka completed various tasks such as palletizing boxes, preparing shipments, labeling, and sorting. She accepted new challenges and always welcomed new tasks. At one point, she expressed interest in learning how to utilize machinery such as the baler, pallet jack, and the foam boring machine. After minimal training and practice from her Floor Supervisor, Rebeka quickly learned how to operate work tools and machinery.

She continued to take initiative, completing pre-assigned tasks and assisting her co-workers and Floor Supervisor when needed. To meet her end goal of obtaining employment, Rebeka worked alongside Job developers to receive job readiness training. Beyond that, she went out of her comfort zone to practice interview questions with staff, attended interviews, and completed job applications.

After expressing interest in working at a cafeteria or warehouse, Rebeka and the Work Activity Program staff discovered a job opening for a dishwasher at The Cheesecake Factory and she decided to apply. When contacted for an interview, she prepared by practicing interview questions and showed great improvement each time she practiced.

Immediately following her interview, Rebeka was excited to learn that, after much hard work and perseverance, she was offered the position. While Rebeka had initially been hesitant to work in any field that would require her to expand her customer service skills and limited herself to working in a warehouse, she eventually gained the confidence and willingness to work in the restaurant industry.

At Cheesecake Factory, Rebeka is able to apply her leadership and team player skills. She currently works as a napkin folder and organizes utensils for customers. While content with her current position, Rebeka is also looking forward to moving up in the restaurant industry.

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