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“My name is Neftali Beltran and I have been participating in College to Career since the summer of 2020. My experience here in College to Career has been very superior to my expectations. I feel very grateful to the coaches and students that have helped me through my academics and personal journey which is either my assignments, independent living skills, and social skills. I know I still have a lot of work to do to get myself better every day but day by day those times will come to me. I’m enjoying this program so far and I will continue to grow as a successful student and successful individual.

Throughout my time at College to Career, I have faced many challenges as a student and adult. I have dealt with building self-confidence, accepting and understanding self-criticism, expressing my true emotions, being aware on the areas I have to improve on, and communicating with my coaches. Just because I have improved in certain areas doesn’t mean I’m a master. I still will experience bumps ahead but that’s normal because it’s part of the human nature. The way I overcome these challenges is by discussing these subjects with my coaches and Supervisors so that we can find alternatives to the situation.

AbilityFirst has supported me by giving me confidence in my own characteristics and abilities whenever I’m trying to work on my independent living skills and with my college experience.

What I learned throughout my experience in College to Career is how to build my own workshops with my coaches so that I can express my interests to the students. These workshops have actually helped other students build self-confidence that they too can build workshops.

I want to thank you for taking this time for listening to my experience with College to Career. This program will continue to grow and help students and coaches with their goals in college and life.”

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