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Armed with great communication skills and a fantastic work ethic, Michael Marquiz was ready to look for a job!

To help Mike find the right position, he joined the AbilityFirst Supported Employment program and he started working with his job developer, Rosa. Throughout the process, Michael and Rosa worked on developing job skills, identifying what type of position would fit his skillset and personality best, and prepared for interviews. As Michael struggled with retention and memory issues, Rosa realized hands-on training would be the best way to help him progress. During training and interview prep, they focused on task repetition: practicing eye contact and voice projection, focusing on relevant topics, and giving concise answers to questions.

While searching for positions that Michael may be interested in, they came across The Shredders, a company that was not only a business partner for AbilityFirst, but they also handled full-service product and document destruction and happened to have a position available for maintenance and shredding assistance. So Michael applied and after the second interview, he was hired! But the story doesn’t end there: to help him succeed, Michael and Rosa continued with the winning strategy that had helped Michael get his new job. Repetition, repetition, repetition. When Michael had trouble remembering how to open the shredding bins with a key at his new job, he and Rosa practiced the repetitive motion of unlocking the bins which has helped him to learn how to open them without assistance.

“I’m thankful AbilityFirst helped me get the best job I’ve ever had! I enjoy going to work every day!” – Michael Marquiz

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