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When Luna started with the AbilityFirst After School program at the Lawrence L. Frank Center in September of 2022,  a whole new world  opened up for Luna and her family. After-school and summer programs provide a nurturing environment for school-age youth. The program is also offered in the communities of

Claremont, East Los Angeles and Long Beach. Before they found AbilityFirst, Luna’s parents were often challenged by negative assumptions and stereotypes about the abilities and gifts of children with disabilities. Those feelings were relieved when Luna started in the After School program last fall.  With support from the caring and supportive staff at AbilityFirst, Luna’s  language and personal care skills have grown. She is now able to express some of her wants and needs in words.

In fact, one day during program, Luna loudly declared, “NO!” over and over again  – and now she uses the word often. . “No” is a good thing! She can  express herself when she doesn’t want something – a sure sign of personal growth and discovery.

“We have seen such an improvement over the last year,” one of Luna’s activity leaders says,  “and its been wonderful to see her progress.”

Luna’s family also appreciates  AbilityFirst and the opportunities  it has opened up for Luna. And the best part is that she has made new friends in her community! Indeed, it is new world for Luna!

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