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Remember Lashante from our Spring Appeal? Lashante began her relationship with AbilityFirst through the Pasadena Work Center more than three years ago. She loved the work center but was easily distracted. She enjoyed the work but at times it felt monotonous. She dreamed of getting out of the work center and finding a fulfilling job out in the community. AbilityFirst was here to help! With the support from AbilityFirst program director Peter, Lashante set out to find work through AbilityFirst’s Supported Employment Program.

Thanks to Supported Employment, helping adults with disabilities find meaningful work, this October will mark two years of employment with Target!

Lashante really enjoys being a part of the Target team and loves her job. Her typical work week is about 4-5 days a week. She shared with us that she does, “mostly everything” including replenishing shelves stocking new inventory, cleaning restrooms, and sweeping the sales floor.

Last time we talked to Lashante, she was hoping to be trained on the register and on occasion she has the chance to cover the register and ring up customers! Lashante’s customer services skills have greatly improved and she is social and gets along very well with her coworkers. Thanks to your contributions, Lashante gets to celebrate two years at Target and continues to grow within the company.

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