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Keri joined AbilityFirst as Chief Program Officer in August 2012, bringing more than 15 years’ experience in managing community health centers. She is a fellow of the Coro Southern California Health Leadership program and holds a Bachelor’s degree from Stanford University.

She has seen the positive impact of our life-changing programs when, with the help of our dedicated staff, someone gets their first job, makes a new friend, or feels like they belong for the first time. Keri says that working at AbilityFirst has been transformative for her, too. The programs are about discovering and pursuing personal goals, not trying to fit somebody else’s model. AbilityFirst helps her be a better parent – more consistent, patient, more attentive to her child’s interests and strengths.

No one is invisible at AbilityFirst. We listen and learn what is important to each individual. And that’s the most important thing Keri has learned – our lives are enriched when we all have an opportunity to succeed and be a part of the community.

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