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Meet Ivan!

Through AbilityFirst, Ivan Casas has been getting familiar with the job market. He got his first job, then went for more training and is now steadily getting a grasp on the duties expected of him at his latest job. Ivan started with AbilityFirst in 2014, and through group placement began working at Quetico.

Then he went through the Job Development program where he acquired further enrichment. The additional skill training helped him to get individual placement at Superior Grocers where he has been employed since 2019.

His new workplace required Ivan to complete job training sessions before his shifts and to remove trash from carts before lining them up for customers. Initially, he needed many reminders. Those steady reminders from his job coach, Lucy Gonzalez, helped Ivan to understand the routine.  The job has now become a natural part of Ivan’s day and he requires less reminders. Ivan shares, “I like it…I am very happy…I like working here!”


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