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When Carson started as a participant at the AbilityFirst Work Center in 2011, he sometimes needed help with communicating effectively and  paying close attention to detailed tasks. With support from the AbilityFirst staff, he was able  to thrive and enjoy the work and make  friends. Today, Carson volunteers at not one, but three organizations assisting with kitchen duties, including making packaged meals to feed people experiencing homelessness.

In 2019, after the work center closed, Carson joined the AbilityFirst PossAbility program in Pasadena. He  continued to practice expanding his ability to stay focused on a task or activity.  Carson learned to successfully communicate with his teams by practicing with AbilityFirst staff members and actively working to ask for help when he was unsure of tasks given to him.

Carson was able to grow in these areas by dedicating time to work with his support group where he showed dedication, determination and a greater commitment level to achieve his personal goals!

Carson volunteers at the Union Station Homeless Services kitchen team, and has been personally asked by the renowned Chef Marissa, to come in and volunteer a few extra days with her team. Putting together meals for those in need while developing skills in the kitchen  allows Carson to achieve his best, all with a smile!

“I enjoy helping the people from the station!” Carson says, “Helping the staff, Marcus, Lawrence and Chef Marissa. I am happy being in the kitchen! I enjoy washing the dishes, prepping vegetables and assembling plates.” Thanks Carson, for your enthusiasm!

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