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Brandon started his journey at AbilityFirst in the Adult Day program in 2015, and joined the ExploreAbility program at the Joan and Harry A. Mier Center, in 2018. The ExploreAbility program is an adult community integration training program that empowers adults to explore their communities, identify what is important to them, develop skills to achieve their goals, and become an active part of their community. Brandon has had difficulty communicating his goals and desires and would sometimes avoid participating in activities with staff and other participants. Dedicated AbilityFirst staff continued to support Brandon and offer him options to explore his community, participate in recreational and leisure activities, and develop social skills. With creativity and encouragement from program staff, Brandon is thriving!

Today, Brandon confidently advocates for himself with his program staff and peers. Brandon has enjoyed putting together a large-scale 3-D puzzle, learning how to cook meals, and working with his hands to make a wooden bench. Brandon is excited to participate in group activities and loves learning new things. He happily shares, “I want to learn!”

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