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To my daughter, Camp Paivika is EVERYTHING!  She begins talking about camp the moment she gets home from her job at United Cerebral Palsy; it’s all downhill from there. She eats, showers, and spends family time talking about camp. She even talks about camp when being put down for bed. The saga continues when she wakes up in the wee hours of the morning.  She is so excited about camp in 2019 that she asked me to put a pop-up reminder on my phone for Dec 3 – for registration.  This year she is motivated because she told us that Lauren asked her if she would like to be a volunteer. :-} I asked her what that would entail. She excitedly replied, “passing out paper for tasks, pens, crayons and facilitating what is needed”…of course with assistance :-}

You guys don’t understand what Camp Paivika does for my life; it is very liberating. It is a gift from Heaven. I love that Camp Paivika is an outlet for people with similar lifestyle challenges. It is a community of individuals who can relate to one another.  If it weren’t for this saving grace, I would have absolutely no solace, no therapeutic time. Camp Paivika provides me as a loving mother and 24-hour caregiver, an opportunity to have a little “me” time.  Without Camp Paivika “me” time would not exist.

My testimonial rates Camp Paivika 5 out of 5 stars.  The very best special needs camp with a great staff.  Activities geared to each individual’s abilities. A parent can feel safe leaving their child in their care for a week.  Parents enjoy a week if R and R wile your child has fun and makes new friends.

My son and his friend started coming to Camp Paivika in 1999 at the age of 10.  Summer 2019 will mark their 20th year at Camp Paivika.  My son even came to camp for two sessions for a few summers.

He looks forward to camp, planning and packing with great anticipation of what has become his “home away-from home” during these sessions.

Coming to Camp Paivika has allowed him to take a break from the stresses of school in the early years, and now his day program and home life in general.   He’s able just be himself, enjoy the fellow campers and camp counselors he meets each summer.  He especially enjoys horseback riding, swimming, performing and is eager to get involved in most activities.

While he is away at camp, I have total trust he is being supervised and cared for by the Camp Paivika staff and well-trained counselors.  I know this first hand as my other son worked at Camp Paivika as a counselor, program staff and unit director for five summers.

During these camp sessions his father and I take the this much needed opportunity to go on vacation, have a change of pace, reconnect as a couple, reflect and be ready to welcome him when we reunite.

Our children have attended Camp Paivika since 2011.  It’s a blessing to have respite time to ourselves without worrying about our children’s care.  We know that they are well cared for by the highly trained and caring staff at Camp Paivika.

My son looks forward to Camp Paivika every year! He loves the caring and upbeat staff, the camaraderie with his fellow campers and all the amazing activities Camp Paivika offers. When I pick him up he glows with self-confidence!

Thank you for your sanctuary. Our daughter looks forward to Camp Paivika all year. She is full of excitement when she knows time is near; she feels joy when she is there and enjoys staff’s love and warmth. Our daughter leaves each session with sadness; she is leaving people who accept her no matter what and she savors the memories made. Looking ahead to next year!  Camp Paivika gives each camper something to look forward to and makes them feel special.  We are truly Blessed to have found Camp Paivika.

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