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I like Camp Paivika because it gives Mom and Dad a break. It also gives me a break and I can get away from home for a while. I love the archery, swimming and arts & crafts. And I LOVE Kelly!

I love Camp Paivika so much!  I was proud of myself because I was nervous to go on stage for the talent show, but I did it and everyone clapped for me.  I really love my counselors and Carly and I cannot wait for next summer!

At Camp Paivika I learn independence and how to advocate for myself.  The strong bond the campers share with the counselors is unbreakable.  The staff members act far beyond their roles as staff by creating ever-lasting friendships with us.  This has shown us that friendships cannot be interfered with by the concept of “age” or “disability.”

Camp Paivika helps me learn independence. I also experience new things that I have never done before. The difference between the other camps and Camp Paivika is like night and day.  Camp Paivika provides a safe, happy, and healthy place for me and all the campers it cares for.  It is staffed with dedicated workers who take great care of us.

I was extremely nervous to go to camp for the first time last summer. I planned to go for three nights but loved camp so much I asked to stay for five nights. Now, this summer I want to go for NINE nights!   Camp Paivika is a WONDERFUL program!

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