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Between raising a two-year-old son who has a disability, improving her English language speaking skills, and dealing with the challenges of her own developmental disability, Leysi has a lot on her plate. But one thing she doesn’t have to worry about? Employment – thanks to her hard work and AbilityFirst Job Developer Bianca’s help.

Before she obtained community employment, Leysi explored a variety of assignments at the AbilityFirst L. L. Frank Work Center. She built boxes, attached labels, and packaged goods.

When she became interested in working with the Inkjet Coder Printer, the Floor Supervisor trained her to operate it. This was a big accomplishment because once the boxes were built, Leysi put them in the printer and then had to inspect each box, to make sure none of the ink had smeared, once they went through the printer. Leysi was fully trained and able to operate the machine in under just a month! A testament to her motivation and ability to learn quickly.

As a result of Leysi’s drive to succeed and desire to work, she was hired at Hawaiian Host Candies Company in Gardena. There, she gained valuable skills and continued to expand her resume.

Soon after, she teamed up with Bianca again to look for a more challenging position. She was quickly hired for a seasonal position at Northgate Super Markets. At Hawaiian Host Candies Company, Leysi worked in a warehouse and at Northgate, she found it much more fulfilling because she was working directly with the customers in the store. Within six weeks of accepting the job, Leysi had performed above and beyond expectations, and was hired as a regular employee!

If you shop at Northgate Markets you may meet Leysi. You will see that her developmental disability does not hinder her from continuing to grow and thrive!

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