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Here is a poem by Debbie from Camp Paivika! She shared this at the amazing Camp @ Home Talent Show. When asked what inspires her to write poetry she said “I didn’t know what I was going to do for the Camp Paivika @ Home’s Talent Show at first, but one day I was just spending time with my cat, Jack. Then, the idea to write a poem came to me. I came up with the title of my poem because I have four pets that I absolutely love, and they are a huge part of my life. My pets inspire to write poems and short stories to share both silly and special moments.”
When did you start writing poetry?
“Writing that poem about my four pets was my very first poem that I have ever written. But I have written several short children’s stories before. I am currently attending college to be a children’s author someday hopefully.”
Do you have advice for other poets?
“My advice for other poets is once they come up with a title for a poem, just write it down and then the rest of the poem will come to them easily. If they like to listen to music while writing their poems, I would say just put music on, relax and be creative.”

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