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Meet Allan!

He is hard-working and always has a positive attitude whether it’s on the job, or meeting with his supervisor or job coach. Allan is punctual, courteous, and always respectful of others. He started with the Employment Facilitation Training Services (EFTS) program in June 2018 and then Allan transitioned to Supported Employment where he was hired to work for Food 4 Less.

When Allan first started he had a hard time asking others for help. He struggled with some of the physical labor at Food 4 Less, like stocking items on high shelves or assisting a customer if an item fell off the shelf. Allan’s job coach Lucy helped Allan by showing him proper safety procedures and encouraged him to ask for help whenever he needed it – especially when it came to some of the physical duties that came with the job. Today, with encouragement from Lucy, Allan has learned to self-advocate, and asks for help whenever he needs it.

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