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A collage of children and youth participants who have developmental disabilities participate in AbilityFirst Programs

Children & Youth

Children and Youth – We are currently providing daily remote programming and alternate location services to keep participants and families engaged and connected. We have a variety of online programming that inspire socialization and fun. Not only are the programs fun for our participants, they help them overcome some of the isolation and feelings of anxiety that can result from the disruption of their daily routines.

After School and Summer Programs

AbilityFirst after school and summer programs provide a nurturing environment for school-age youth who have developmental disabilities. Our well-trained and caring staff provides opportunities for new experiences that encourage socialization, exploration, and choice. Participants enjoy an enriching program that also provides needed personal care (including feeding, changing, transferring, etc.) while supporting personal growth and discovery.

Through center-based activities and field trips, AbilityFirst helps participants achieve their personal best in the following areas:

  • Basic Life Skills—preparing simple snacks, learning personal care and practicing safety in the community
  • Communication—participants work on communicating their basic wants and needs through language skills, body language, picture boards or use of technology
  • Socialization—participants increase their ability to interact with their peers, such as respecting personal space, taking turns and making new friends
  • Healthy Living—including swim instruction—participants improve and practice healthy living including learning to choose healthy snacks and portion control, and have opportunities to play outside or swim.

Youth Employment Programs

Student Services Work Experience is a work-based learning experience that offers students with disabilities who are in high school or a transition program the opportunity to explore work experiences in a variety of real time work settings. The program is offered through California State Department of Rehabilitation.

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