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This is Bryan!

When the Coronavirus hit, we knew it would be hard on everyone – nobody is untouched by this, and our AbilityFirst participants more than most.

Now is a time when our participants are searching for ways to find community and routine.

We want to let you know that AbilityFirst is there for them providing support in positive engaging ways including remote coaching, fun on-line activities and guidance on how to work on personal goals while staying at home. We’re using Zoom, FaceTime and other creative on-line tools.

We are continuing to provide 24-hour care to the residents of our group homes, and job coaching for employees in essential services, like grocery stores. Our priority is ensuring the health and well-being of our participants and staff as we work to implement the mission of AbilityFirst during these most unusual times.

Our participants are finding their way through this difficult time with ongoing assistance from AbilityFirst staff. Bryan Strehl, for example, a College to Career student, is still planning to become an elementary school teacher. Bryan knows all too well the challenges children face with academics. “If there was one thing, I would tell my younger self it would be, to ask more questions, ask for more guidance and ask for more opportunities. You don’t know if you don’t ask.” Today, with help from his educational coach, Bryan has completed his 3rd year at Pasadena City College and is preparing to attend Cal State Channel Islands with a major in child development. AbilityFirst is here to support Bryan – including his on-line learning today.

AbilityFirst provides programs that empower individuals to discover new capabilities and achieve their goals. As you can imagine, this programming can’t stop for any reason. We need your help now to continue to support people, like Bryan, with their goals. With your contribution, AbilityFirst can remain a constant source of support to people with disabilities and their families during this challenging time. Every dollar helps!

Thank you,
Lori Gangemi
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. Please donate today to AbilityFirst and support these exceptional programs!

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