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When I decided to attend university, I gave myself the goal of working extremely hard and do my best in each class. I remained focused on that goal and earned a double major (Accounting and Business) Bachelor’s degree in three years. I then shifted my focus on earning my Certified Public Accountants license while working for a Public Accountancy firm. When I was conducting an audit for a non-profit special needs organization, I witnessed first-hand how wonderful it was to provide assistance to people who could not always help themselves. I was deeply touched. I decided that this was the professional arena I wanted to pursue. I have had a wonderful career working for agencies that focused on helping others and, most importantly, I have had opportunities to serve people with disabilities.

AbilityFirst has given me a real sense of purpose and has allowed me to continue working at my goal of always doing my best. I have come to believe that the better I do my job, the better the organization can do at helping others.

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