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Lauren joined AbilityFirst as Chief Development Officer in April 2021, bringing over 20+ years and non-profit management and fundraising experience.  She holds a MBA from the University of Utah and has dedicated her career to the non-profit sector.  She has used her education, business skills and passion to build a thoughtful fundraising career. Her expertise has been applied to working at government agencies and various non-profits, each one unique and critical in the community.

Lauren lives in the fundraising moment, and always has her eyes on the next ask, the next event, or next month’s revenue goal. She enjoys the fact that she is helping move forward a cause, and truly feels enormous satisfaction when she helps a donor fulfill their philanthropic goals. She is a passionate advocate to advance and protect individuals with disabilities. She has learned many lessons during her childhood while helping raise her sister who has a developmental disability.  This family experience was one of the richest classrooms she experienced, and learned compassion is one of the most important characteristics of an effective fundraiser and leader.

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