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See what Ani B. has been up to! 
Ani B. has participated in the afterschool program at AbilityFirst since 2019, a program where our dedicated and caring staff provide new experiences for individuals with disabilities to encourage socialization, exploration, and choice. Ani flourished in our program, but the pandemic abruptly interrupted all her social activities.

Since then, Ani and our other participants have quickly embraced technology and continue to stay connected with their friends on Zoom by participating in the AbilityFirst on-line programs. This has been an opportunity for Ani to learn to adapt. When Ani returns to in person programs this year, she will be ready to resume with her music and dancing.

During the pandemic, AbilityFirst continues to provide critical services with daily remote programming and one-on-one in person services to keep program participants and their families engaged and connected.
Our programs include life skills development and community integration opportunities, job training and employment support for college students, on-line interactive social and recreational activities, and two specialized residential homes with 24-hour on-site care.

The commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is a core value of AbiltyFirst. Our mission is focused on providing opportunity and choice for individuals with disabilities, to equip them to transform their own lives. Your donation will help us remove the barriers for individuals with disabilities. Every dollar you donate provides exceptional services to expand their success and empower individuals with disabilities to realize their full potential.
Lori Gangemi
Chief Executive Officer
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