Jaclyn Smith - Special Needs Programs
“I have been very fortunate in
my life, and lending my support
to AbilityFirst is one way that I
can help people with disabilities
to succeed in achieving their
life’s goals.”
-- Jaclyn Smith is a long-time
supporter and Honorary
Chairperson of AbilityFirst.

Volunteer at AbilityFirst

Enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers are vital to AbilityFirst! Without people who give of themselves, their time and their talents, we simply would not be able to provide the outstanding special needs programs and services that make such a difference in the lives of children and adults with disabilities.

Volunteers work in our programs for children and adults under the supervision of AbilityFirst staff. They may provide one-on-one assistance to children or adults, encouraging participation, keeping activities going, and having fun! Volunteers are also essential to staging the many events and fundraising activities that take place at our centers. And, they help keep our facilities running smoothly by performing a variety of important office tasks.

Click on locations to find the AbilityFirst center near you, along with program offered there and contact information for the center director. Once you know where you want to volunteer, call or email the center director and let them know that you are interested. You will need to complete a volunteer application and attend an orientation at the center. To help you get started, you can download a volunteer application here.

Click for volunteer application in PDF format.
Click for volunteer application in Word format.
Click for Camp Paivika volunteer application.

If you already know where you would like to volunteer, you can contact the center directors by clicking on the links below:

Community Centers
AbilityFirst Claremont Center
AbilityFirst East Los Angeles Center
AbilityFirst Glendale Center
AbilityFirst Joan and Harry A. Mier Center in Inglewood
AbilityFirst Lawrence L. Frank Center in Pasadena
AbilityFirst Long Beach Center

Work Centers
AbilityFirst L.L. Frank Los Angeles Work Center in downtown
AbilityFirst Pasadena Work Center