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Children's Programs: After School Enrichment

Whatever the degree or type of their disability, every child who participates in an AbilityFirst After School Enrichment Program experiences a culturally-sensitive environment, where each individual is valued. With staffing ratios of no more than 1:5 – and, under special circumstances, as close as 1:1 – our well-trained, caring staff engage children with age-appropriate activities that nurture social, physical, cognitive and creative abilities. Specific activities vary from center to center, but all fall into these four categories:

1. Life Skills: activities are designed to enhance one’s ability to participate in common, everyday activities and includes things like cooking, doing laundry, etiquette/manners, group interaction and making friends, sharing, and developing hobbies, as well as range of community-based activities such as shopping, banking, eating in restaurants, using public transportation and community safety basics.

2. Job Readiness Skills: focused activities include developing computer skills and creative writing, along with homework assistance and time in our learning labs.

3. Adaptive Recreation: encompasses all sorts of interests – dancing, gardening, karate, swimming, arts and crafts, karaoke/singing, drama, and even preparing to participate in the 5K event of the Los Angeles Marathon!

4. Day Trips: range from sports activities such as bowling, horseback riding, rock climbing, river rafting, surfing, jet skiing and water skiing, to excursions to amusement parks, museums, public parks, beaches and community events.

We always welcome your visits, so feel free to stop by the AbilityFirst community center near you. Or, if you would like to discuss your child’s needs, call ahead and schedule an appointment to meet with the center director.

AbilityFirst Anaheim Program
AbilityFirst Claremont Center
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AbilityFirst Joan and Harry A. Mier Center in Inglewood
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For more information on AbilityFirst after school enrichment programs, email or phone (626) 396-1010 ext. 1104