Programs for Children with Disabilities

Children's Programs

AbilityFirst after school and summer programs provide a nurturing environment for school age youth with developmental disabilities. Our well-trained and caring staff engages participants with age appropriate activities that support social, physical, cognitive, and creative abilities.

Through center-based activities and field trips, AbilityFirst helps participants achieve their personal best in the following areas:

  • Basic Life Skills – preparing simple snacks, learning personal care and practicing safety in the community
  • Communication - participants work on communicating their basic wants and needs through language skills, body language, picture boards or use of technology
  • Socialization - participants increase their ability to interact with their peers, such as respecting personal space, taking turns and making new friends
  • Healthy Living - including swim instruction - participants improve and practice healthy living including learning to choose healthy snacks and portion control, and have opportunities to play outside or swim.
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