Jane Kaczmarek

“Children and adults with
disabilities deserve every
opportunity to grow and be-
come part of the wider com-
munity. I support the work
that AbilityFirst does and
am proud to be associated
with an organ ization that
celebrates the unique
abilities of every individual.”

Jane Kaczmarek is a
supporter and Honorary
Chairperson of AbilityFirst

News & Events

One of the best ways that you can support an AbilityFirst program for adults and children with disabilities is to get involved with one of the many events we organize. Whether it is joining in on the fun by attending, volunteering, or becoming an event sponsor, we appreciate your help! To see what we have planned in the coming months click here.

For information on event sponsorship, email Director of Special Events Julia Walkup or phone 626-243-4852. For recent publications or to read the latest news coverage about us, click on the links to the left. For the latest news releases from AbilityFirst, click here.