Reaching For Personal Best

At AbilityFirst our vision is of a society that values each individual and provides the opportunity for all people to lead full and productive lives. It is that vision that propels our mission of helping children and adults with special needs realize their full potential through various special needs programs. We hope you find these AbilityFirst profiles inspiring and will help us continue to provide quality programs and services.
Camp Paivika: Creating Change For All
California State University Northridge undergrad Leslie Salmon didn’t know... Read more
Leslie Salmon Zhu and Kathy Braxton AbilityFirst
Successful Steps to Community Employment
Employment is a goal (if not a necessity) for many adults, including adults with developmental disabilities... Read more
Robert AbilityFirst
A First-Time Camper Experience
Going to summer camp is considered a rite of passage, but when a child has special needs... Read more
Denise AbilityFirst
Steady Progress One Milestone at a Time
In the former home of the Los Angeles County Fire Station #1, Monica Alcantar.... Read more
Javier Small - Resources for Children with Disabilities
Lopez Brothers Bring Double the Dedication
It's not often you hear of identical twins with cerebral palsy. Even rarer is to find brothers.... Read more
Lopez - Special Needs Programs
College to Career Program Established
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College to Career Program Established

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A Prince of a Lad - Matthew
Blooming at AbilityFirst - Cyntrea Andrews
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